5 Benefits of a BOSS CNC Router

BOSS CNC routers offer an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to cabinetry production using manual methods. RouterCAD’s proprietary machinery and software package combine to provide the best available options for cabinetry manufacturing nationwide – and worldwide. With every purchase of a BOSS router, you are investing in your company’s future, and receive a host of extra benefits to hit the ground running. Here are some of the best features we offer with our CNC routers.

  1. Price

Using a CNC router is far cheaper than traditional cabinetry methods. Not only do automated generation and production improve your workflow and bottom line but buying a BOSS router specifically is an excellent deal. This is the only package which includes the CNC router made with a steel framed gantry and milled phenolic table that also includes a complete cabinet design software suite for the same price – all made in the USA.

  1. Quality

BOSS routers are made with over 20 years of experience in the industry. An obsession with craftsmanship means that these CNC routers are designed to last.

  1. Software

RouterCAD software comes with every purchase of a BOSS router, making it the best deal for quick installation and design for cabinetry manufacturing. The software comes with quick start templates to get you up and running immediately. The complete suite offers diverse options for different cabinetry products and production.

RouterCAD is not a tutorial-level product, it is designed with the goal of serving as a one-stop solution. It is designed to be as intense as you need it to be. From new start-ups to established manufacturers, RouterCAD’s library of templates and flexibility means new designers and old alike will benefit from the software.

  1. Training

As RouterCAD is a proprietary suite, we offer three days of on-site training at your location to get started with production immediately. Not only is training available, but for a minimum of one year you get access to unlimited customer support via phone, and free teleconference software training for your new-hire employees at any time.

  1. Convenience

Buying a BOSS router is the ultimate in convenience.  It is not one tool in a toolbox but instead a complete cabinetry making workshop set on its own. Every purchase is designed to save you time and money by providing you with our extensive software, training, and machinery suites. Based in Dallas, our products are more than regional. We ship worldwide and come to you to offer training. No shop is too big or small to benefit from BOSS CNC routers and RouterCAD software.

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