Build Better Boxes with RouterCAD Software and our BOSS CNC Router

Many cabinetmakers have already discovered how a computer numerical control (CNC) router can revolutionize their businesses. A CNC router increases production and standardizes quality control by minimizing material handling and automating routine tasks. Savvy cabinetmakers are setting themselves apart from their competition by creating unique value-added parts.

Save Money on Staffing

Using a Boss CNC Router has allowed some shops to save money on staffing costs because their operators need only assemble the parts. The computer software handles the design and cutting, which requires fewer skilled-labor hours.

CNC router software products are not all created equal. Industry leader RouterCAD has a comprehensive suite of software that comes with your purchase of a Boss CNC Router.

Check Out the RouterCAD Difference

BOSS routers are ready to run code right from the start. The included RouterCAD/CAM software is a total system that’s preconfigured to create code for the router. The BOSS router will run with other cabinet design software, but most people immediately see the value in upgrading their experience to the total solution RouterCAM provides.

User-friendly RouterCAD software has template options, so designers don’t have to start from scratch with a blank screen. A point-and-click interface allows the user to stamp custom shapes, add, delete, and stack units. The package includes:

  • G-Code
  • Tool libraries
  • Tool paths
  • Part and cabinet designs
  • CAD drawing programs

RouterCAM can even create code for you directly from your drawings.

Increase Productivity Quickly

RouterCAD software and a BOSS router is an all-in-one solution for cabinetry design and manufacturing. With RouterCAD, you get:

  • CAD-based drawing engine
  • Cabinet libraries
  • Assembly sheets
  • Cross sections
  • Material optimizer
  • Custom report center
  • Cabinet and part labels
  • Submittals and title blocks

Users can be productive immediately creating cabinet, door, and drawer designs using the dozens of plan examples pre-loaded into the program. Starting with a design template that is most like your current project saves hours of time. Simply customize the template to the specifications you need, and you’re done.

Save Thousands Using RouterCAD

RouterCAD’s comprehensive, creative approach to computerized design with a price point that even a one-person shop can afford means that small shops can finally compete on a large scale. Call today to find out how RouterCAD/CAM software can save you thousands of dollars.

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