Finding the Right Cabinet Design Software For Your Shop

If you own a business designing or manufacturing cabinets, your design software is the heart of that business. Choosing the right software can be intimidating when browsing online. Whether you are a new business looking for software to get you started or an established business looking to upgrade your design flow, consider the following factors before deciding which tools are best for you.

All-Encompassing Software

Look for software offering a solution to all your needs? Don’t settle for programs that require separate drawing systems and design systems. When you spend money on a program, it should suit all your design needs. You didn’t pay to piece it together. RouterCAD’s software offers cabinet libraries, assembly sheets, and custom reports.

Options for Other Areas

If your company produces more than just cabinets, you may want a software program that includes more. Cabinet, countertop, MDF door, Dovetail Drawer and specialty millwork design should be easy for your software to manage. Companies frequently don’t want to use separate systems for designing these various components because it can take extra time and effort, as well and prevent a design team from working together seamlessly.

CNC Connectivity

Consider how your new software will integrate with other software and technology. Often, cabinet design software stands alone and doesn’t allow for much integration. RouterCAD allows you to create multiple projects quickly and the included RouterCAM software works with it, powering your CNC router and creating powerful G-code. RouterCAD provides fast, efficient production. You can also integrate our software with multiple systems without issue.


There’s nothing worse than putting time and effort into a project that results in inaccurate products. RouterCAD provides spot-on, accurate drawings that result in products you won’t have to rework. The precision is unmatched, so much so that even inexperienced operators can create in our software.


The user experience is always paramount for software programs. Complex programs can be discouraging for employees and lead to longer production times. RouterCAD consists of simple design and offers one-on-one training for new business users.

RouterCAD Software

If you’re in the market for cabinet design software, choose one of the highest rated programs available today. RouterCAD’s suite of products offers a high rate of diverse project needs and contains various modules for a wide range of projects. The design functions allow for thorough integration with current systems and precision development for your products. And, our BOSS CNC & RouterCAD software packages include three days of on-site training for your employees and unlimited phone support/training and updates on the software for the first year.

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