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RouterCAD and BOSS Router Customer Voices

Michael Veltre

President | Cabinets West
Dallas, TX

Travis Tran

Best Cabinetry

I have been using RouterCAD/AutoCabinets software for years and your latest version is a home run. Our whole company is built around your software.


AutoCabinets is really a fun program to work with, I am really having fun designing my cabinets.


We just got a job that contains over 900 cabinets. We could not have gotten this job without your software and our CNC machine!


Attached are photos of the wine rack I built yesterday. The parts were cut up using your BOSS router and RouterCAD software which is better than I ever imagined. I’ve been building fine furniture, cabinets and millwork for over twenty years but never with such ease and precision until I purchased your software and router.

I’m a crusty old cabinet maker, far from a computer guru. I’m thankful to be able to send e-mails, that’s about the extent of my computer knowledge. Needless to say I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be smart enough to use your software and run our new CNC machine. The truth is I, in a very short timeframe, am cutting up all my cabinet parts to include arches and any other shape I can draw on RouterCAD. I’m amazed at how easer RouterCAD is to use. We put out more cabinets this last week than what we would typically have put out in a month.

Thank you for a great product and incredible service!

I had a chance to watch the tutorial and cannot possibly exaggerate how helpful it was. Having it there to reference as I practice at different cabinet assemblies is going to be extremely useful.”


Your software is awesome! Yesterday I received a call from a client wanting 72 parts cut. Within 5 minute I had programmed the parts using RouterCAD. I spent 20 minutes cutting up the parts on our Shop Sabre CNC machine then another 30 minutes assembling and packaging the parts. I can’t believe it, within an hour I designed, cut up, assembled and packaged 72 parts. Before purchasing RouterCAD and our Shop Sabre CNC machine we would have spent two days trying to get these parts cut up and they would not have been as precise as they are now.


I have used RouterCAD and it’s programs for a year and the dovetail drawer program cut a perfect dovetail on my first try … Definitely a must have for the CNC wood worker.


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