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  Millwork Design Software: An Introduction

What is mill working?


Millwork refers to any type of woodwork that is made in a mill. Common products include doors, trim, flooring, crown molding, and wall paneling. Millwork is a custom design differing from the traditional casework.


How do you use millwork design software?


Much like cabinet door software or other CNC programs, millwork design software enables creation before production. Mockups of designs are easy to create to ensure it is the right one before starting physical work. This saves time and money for all involved. Once you have your concept, measurements, and are happy with the design, the software sends the code to your CNC machinery.


At RouterCAD| BOSS Routers, we are proud of our long-standing tradition, American made and affordable CAD Routers. If you are wanting to get into business, we are here to answer all your questions and give you a total solution. With a CNC Router and millwork design software purchase, you can start creating goods to sell immediately.


Contact us to discuss your millwork design software needs today.

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