CNC Router Tables and Frames

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High Flow Milled Phenolic Table

BOSS Routers have milled Phenolic and Aluminum high flow vacuum tables. Our New BOSS Deep Draw High Flow Solid Vacuum Table delivers incredible vacuum throughout the table. Our Deep Draw channels move downward air flow to all parts of the table. The Deep Draw step design outperforms standard type vacuum tables. It’s the same type effect as the Rip Tide or Rip Current has near beaches, our Deep Draw Channels provide the greatest holding power at the surface of the spoil board.



All BOSS routers are made in America. We use 100% steel on the frames and 100% steel on the gantry. We are also using U.S. Steel, Welding and finishing supplies. Our workers and suppliers are also buying and supporting the U.S. economy. You are helping support hundreds if not thousands of jobs in America. You are helping to create a future for American manufacturing. If you think about all the money that is returned to the economy it’s amazing. Your purchase is enabling Americans to build homes, buy cars and trucks, build schools and support local businesses.


Call us Today at (888) 549-3203