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Vacuum & Electrical for CNC Routers

Vacuums Hold Parts on CNC Routers

BOSS routers are outfitted with powerful vacuums that  move large amounts of air. BOSS routers are designed with High Flow Deep Draw Vacuum tables to create maximum hold down of even the smallest parts. Our software also optimizes cut patterns to ensure the best possible vacuum hold down is utilized.

We have designed a vacuum system that we engineered for nested based machines. These long lasting systems require little maintenance. We believe these vacuums to be superior to any other types of vacuum systems available. We typically supply 10 HP vacuums for our 4 x 8 machines and 15 HP for our 5 x 10 and 5 x 12 machines.

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Electrical Components Give CNC Routers Reliable Power

BOSS routers use Yaskawa 1000 800mhz variable frequency drives (VFD) to control our HSD Spindles. We use true AC Servo motors and AC Servo Drives on X, Y, and Z axes.


All the electronics are designed within a totally enclosed  dust free, fan-cooled electrical control enclosure to protect them from excessive heat and damaging air born particles.

All major electrical components have been engineered with protective breakers in case of unexpected electrical surges.


Call us Today at (888) 549-3203

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