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RouterCAD/CAM Software

We've been providing software for 20 years!

RouterCAD software is an all-in-one solution for woodworking cabinet design, door design, and drawer design. It provides detailed access to a CAD-based drawing engine, cabinet libraries, cross sections, assembly sheets, material optimizer, custom report center, cabinet and part labels, and submittals and title blocks. Within our cabinet design software, users will find quick-start templates with dozens of cabinet plan examples that will make you instantly productive. Choose a cabinet design template or door design template that is most similar to your project and customize it to meet your needs.

Software configured to create correct code from the start.


RouterCAD CAM software will save you thousands of dollars on your software purchases. Every new BOSS Router come ready to run code. If you are using a cabinet design program now and want to keep using it, that’s great. We can provide you all the software you need to link to our routers and software. There is no need for you to purchase thousands of dollars of software for upgrades. RouterCAM creates code from layered DXF files so if you already draw in a CAD program, that’s a great start. RouterCAM CNC router software will nest and create the code for you from your drawings.

Total Solution


We are not just offering a basic get you started type software. We are offering you a total solution machine and cabinet making software package. Our goal is to get you up and going and making money from the start. Our package includes: G-Code, Tool Library, Tool Paths, Part and Cabinet Designs and a CAD design drawing program.


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