CNC Routers for Woodworking

  What You Need to Know About CNC Routers for Woodworking

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you may have some questions about CNC routers for woodworking. Woodworking by hand has been a long-time honored tradition and hobby. However, introducing CNC machinery into the woodwork arena allows increased production with more precision and less waste.


We've gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about CNC routers for woodworking and woodworking software with answers below.


What is a wood CNC router?


CNC stands for computer-controlled cutting machine. CNC machines can work on many materials, not just wood. Some other materials include aluminum, plastic, and glass.


Instead of routing by hand, the computer program creates paths for the CNC machine to follow. These paths come together to create the design you created in the woodworking software program. Depending upon your machine and design, it may take several passes to complete an end-product ready to sell or to use.


This is helpful when you are just starting to draft up concepts. You can create a design and tweak it before it goes to production. This is great for saving time and reducing waste and unnecessary costs.


What type of items can a wood CNC router make?


Many products that can be made with other materials can also be made with wood. For example, wooden signs, door carvings, decorations, and even musical instrument panels.


If you can create your idea within the woodworking software, you can have that translated in code to your CNC machine. Your creations are great for gifting or to sell on the side. The possibilities are up to you.


How deep can CNC paths cut?


In reference to wood, most CNC machines cut best at 80 inches (ca. 2 m) per minute with a depth of 0.4 inches (ca. 1 cm) on each pass. It is common to have multiple passes over a piece of material, this includes the wood in this case.


To know the exact details, you need to consult with your CNC machine retailer.


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