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CNC Routers for Woodworking

  What You Need to Know About CNC Routers for Woodworking

Our BOSS CNC Routers are perfect for the small to large commercial or residential shop.  Some of our customers have 3-4 of our BOSS CNC Routers.  


Woodworking by hand has been a long honored tradition. However, introducing CNC machinery into the woodwork arena allows increased production with more precision and less waste. 


CNC stands for computer numerically controlled machine. CNC machines can work on many materials, not just wood. Some other materials include non-ferrous metal, plastic, laminate and solid surface.

Instead of routing by hand, the computer program creates paths for the CNC machine to follow. These paths come together to create the design you created in the woodworking software program. 

You can create a design and tweak it before it goes to production. This is great for saving time and reducing waste and unnecessary costs. All parts will be perfectly square with operations and ready to assemble.


At RouterCAD| BOSS Routers, we have 20+ years’ experience in woodworking software and CNC routers. Our staff is here to answer questions and calm any concerns you may have about purchasing a new CNC routers or software. Contact us to schedule a time to come into the showroom and have a look around.

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