CNC Routers

  CNC Routers: Getting Started

If you are a newbie hobbyist or ready to open a small business, CNC routers offer a variety of materials to create. To understand how to choose a CNC router, let's look at some common questions about them.


What is a CNC Router?


CNC routers use computer programs to create paths for the router to cut. Beneficial for complex projects, the CNC increases productivity and reduces waste. These tools can etch surfaces, carve designs, or cut shapes.


What materials can you use?


Unique to your project, almost any material can be used with CNC routers. Some of the most common materials are metal, wood, fiberglass, and more


What are some projects or products I can create?


If you are just getting started and want to start your own side business, cnc router projects are a great place to start.


CNC Router Money Making Project Ideas


Wooden Puzzles


A great gifting idea for those with small children. Many wooden puzzles can be made from a scroll saw, but modifying for CNC creates a precise family heirloom.


Customized Wooden Signs


Easily customizable, wooden signs offer a large target audience you can tap your CNC business into. Create a sign with a quote for a housewarming gift or wedding present.


Wooden Frames


CNC routers can be customized in shape and size. Also, you can add a personalization option when offering to engrave.


At BOSS Routers, we offer affordable CNC routers with professional-grade standards. We are also proud to sell the US-made routers from our Texas warehouse. Begin your CNC hobby or take your CNC business to the next level with one of our Boss CNC routers.