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Texas-based. American made. Available Worldwide.

The durable and hard-working BOSS Router, one of the only USA-made cnc routers, can be found in shops of all sizes, including large manufacturing facilities, around the world. These workhorses are manufactured in our East Texas plant completely with American made parts.

Our affordable CNC routers are reliable, heavy duty machines that comes complete with our proprietary RouterCAD/CAM software for a single source solution. Shipped to your shop and ready to code, our team provides on-site training to get you up-and-running, and making money, as quickly as possible.

BOSS is the only CNC router with a steel frame gantry, milled aluminum table, manufactured and assembled in America, with software included. All for one price. Other manufacturers can only offer a machine.

We offer affordable cnc routers solutions. Call us today at (888) 549-3203

Benefits of BOSS CNC Routers:

Most Affordable

Highest Quality

100% USA Made CNC router

Best Value

Custom Built

Standard Sizes:




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