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Made in America, Manufactured in Terrell TX. Available Worldwide.

The Great American CNC Router! BOSS CNC routers are Industrial Quality machines that are designed from the ground up to work in the toughest manufacturing facilities. These are powerful machines with large AC Servo motors on X, Y and Z. Our gantry is a true rack and pinion engineered system that provides twice the power and torque of a single ball-screw type of construction. On BOSS routers both sides of the gantry have proximity switches which keeps the machine cutting square parts as opposed to a single proximity which is commonly used with ball-screw. Basically, as a ball-screw driven gantry starts to break-in or wears, the parts begin to become out of square on different parts of the nest. Ball-screws are great and extremely accurate for small distances and vertical applications such as “Z” or Spindle applications.

We realize that we not only needed to create an industrial quality machine, but it had to be affordable. We accomplished that with our NEW BOSS!

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100% Steel Gantry and Frame

10hp, 12hp or 15hp HSD ATC Spindles (Automatic Tool Change)

15hp or 20hp Vacuum

Large AC Servo Motors on X, Y and Z

Apex Gearboxes 10:1 gear ratio

8 to 12 position tool station with Auto Tool Changer

Milled High Flow Phenolic table with our Deep Draw Vacuum Grid

Precision Linear Guide Rails and Truck Bearing Blocks on all Axes

BOSS Mach 4 CNC Controller PC Base

State of the Art Electronics and Motion Control


4 Proximity Switches – X, Y and Z which includes one on both sides of the Gantry to Ensure Square Parts

Auto Tool Touch Off Pad

USB and Internet connectivity

Standard G-Code

Full suite of RouterCAD software including: AutoCabinets, MDF DoorCAD, CountertopCAD, Dovetail DrawerCAD, MillworkCAD & RouterCAM


Cabinet Manufacturing

Nested-Based Manufacturing

Custom Woodworking

MDF Door Manufacturing

Solid Surface, Laminate Countertops

Boat Manufacturing

RV Manufacturing


High Production Manufacturing

Standard Sizes




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