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The BOSS steel gantry sets a new standard for our BOSS Routers. The large thick wall steel gantry is much stronger than aluminum gantries. The stronger steel provides additional weight and mass for superior machining. This virtually eliminates the need for additional sanding of MDF doors or any material where a finish product is required.

Our steel gantry is also designed with interior cross bracing to allow machining and rapid movements at two to three times faster than non-braced steel gantries or aluminum gantries. Aluminum is usually about half the weight of steel with half the strength of steel. On high performance CNC routers, a steel gantry delivers the best results. Our BOSS Routers with steel cross braced gantries deliver outstanding machining at incredible speeds.

Our 100% steel gantry creates a much more rigid frame. This allows for faster machining speeds and higher quality of cuts. This makes our machine extremely precise on the smallest of operations and extremely fast on any size parts.

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Tool Holders

BOSS Routers include an eight-position automatic tool changer. We include the 8 ISO collets and cones and all of the basic tooling needed to get you started with your machine.

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BOSS Routers are supplied with HSD industrial spindles. HSD USA, Inc., is recognized as the world leader in ATC spindles.

HSD USA has invested millions in America. All spindles can be serviced in the U.S.

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HSD Drill Blocks

BOSS routers only use industrial quality HSD Multi-Spindle Drilling Blocks.

All spindles can be fired independently with almost any size drill. If you need a lot of drilling, adding a HSD Drill Block may be a great choice.


Our New BOSS Routers come with Large Servo Motors. Our Servo motors are rated at 1000 watts on the drive axis with 3000 RPM. We used planetary gear boxes with gear ratios of 10:1 with large pinons. This combination of powerful servos, 3000 RPM and large pinions provides BOSS routers with exceptional acceleration, speeds and high torque. These BOSS Routers can machine parts at true programmed feed rates.

Other CNC Router manufacturers provide much smaller motors with much higher RPM and different ratio gear boxes and still advertise high speeds, but the machines lack the acceleration and torque to deliver. It really doesn’t make much sense to have a machine that can reach 2000 or 3000 RPM if the acceleration is so slow that the part is already machined before the router even comes close to its programmed speed. This is truly one of those instances where a cheaper solution really can cost you thousands of dollars in lost production by choosing a cheaper option. The new BOSS acceleration and machining speeds are exceptional.

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